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Ona Mission Multisport Adventure 2019

 ONA MISSION EVENT DETAILS, 1st September 2019

Welcome to Ona Mission Multisport Adventure 2019. A fun adventure weekend event set in the most sensational locations of Mission Beach and Dunk Island.

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Dates & Times:


Sunday, 01st September 2019

Start 7:00am

Presentations 1:00pm (subject to change)



Start & transition: Mission Beach Outriggers & Canoe Club Casuarina Park, Kennedy Esplanade, South Mission Beach


Finish:Castaways Resort & Spa, Mission Beach


Course Distances:


23km ride, 4km paddle, 6km run, 4km paddle, 7km run



INDIVIDUAL: Male, Female

Age groups: Open (18 – 44yrs), Masters (45yrs plus)


TEAMS – Male, Female, Mixed

maximum 4 people:

Age groups: Open (18 yrs plus)


Briefing & Registration


Saturday, 31st August 2019, 4:30pm-6:30pm. Compulsory for participants.

Mission Beach Resort, Lot4 Wongaling Beach Road, Wongaling Beach


Register Now:


(live soon) Course map and registration



Ona Mission Multisport Adventure event is run by the Cassowary Coast Multisport Club, a volunteer run not-for-profit organisation. Find the club at
Cassowary Coast Multisport Club
Ona Mission Event Director: Richard Blanchette
Phone: 0409 040 667


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